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Foundation Repair
Floor Crack Repair
Sagging Crawlspace Repair
Uneven Floor Repair
Foundation Heave Repair
Street Creep Repair
Tilting Chimney Repair
Push Pier Underpinning
Ez Post Deck Repair

Wall Crack Repair
Collapsing Retaining Wall Repair
Powerbrace Bowed Wall Repair
Carbonarmor Fiber Wall Repair
Shotcrete Wall Restoration
Geo-lock Wall Anchors
Geo-lock Helical Anchors

Concrete Leveling and Lifting
Mud Jacking
Polylevel Injection
Slab Pier Repair
Polylevel Concrete Lifting

Commercial Foundation Repair
Push Pier Installation
Helical Anchor Installation
Helical Tieback Installation
Helical Pile Placement
Crawl Space Jacking
Polyurethane Grouting

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Basement Waterproofing Syracuse, NY

Basement Waterproofing Syracuse, NY

Before After
Basement Waterproofing Syracuse, NY Basement Waterproofing Syracuse, NY

Yes this is the same wall!  What a transformation, now a clean usable space. Ask about how we can do this for your basement. 

Foundation Repair Syracuse, NY

Foundation Repair Syracuse, NY

Before After
Foundation Repair Syracuse, NY Foundation Repair Syracuse, NY

Waterproofing Basement Syracuse, NY

Waterproofing Basement Syracuse, NY

Before After
Waterproofing Basement Syracuse, NY Waterproofing Basement Syracuse, NY

A total transformation… this basement went from a wet damp nasty area to a dry usable space. Which in the future the home owner plans to finish off. This project included our waterguard system, brite wall and a triple safe sub pump system.

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Your Foundation Repair Experts

Home Foundation Repair

We offer simple, permanent solutions for your home's foundation problems. With years of experience and carefully designed, tested, and patented solutions we are proud of our work and give written warranties.

Repairs for:
  • Uneven Floors
  • Sloping Floors
  • Sagging Floors above Crawlspaces
  • Floor Cracks
  • Street Creep

  • Bowing Walls
  • Interior Wall Cracks
  • Exterior Wall Cracks
  • Foundation Heave
  • Tilting Chimney

Concrete Leveling & Lifting

We fix cracked concrete at your home using Polylevel, a better alternative to traditional mudjacking. Using PolyLEVEL allows us to create a stable but light support to the concrete that won't wash away and cures quickly. This creates a permanent, waterproof solution to your concrete issues.

We Repair:
  • Sinking concrete steps or sidewalks
  • Sinking or Tilting Concrete Driveways and Patios
  • Cracking and Sinking of Concrete Slabs

Commercial Foundation Repair

We are your Onondaga trusted professionals for construction of commercial, residential, government, municipal buildings and more providing remedial repair of existing structures as well as end-bearing deep foundations for new construction.

We Provide:
  • Crawl Space Jacks
  • Cellular Concrete
  • Push Pier Systems
  • Helical Anchors
  • Helical Tiebacks

  • Polyurethane Grouting
  • Load Testing
  • Foundation Design
  • Foundation Restoration

Radon Mitigation

Help protect your family with our expert radon mitigation services! Our technicians will perform a radon test to determine if the air born levels of radon need to be addressed. If it's concluded that you're in need of radon mitigation, our team will install the necessary equipment to reduce the level of air born radon particles within the designated area.

  • Radon Testing
  • Radon Mitigation

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New Hire Tim Taylor - Marketing Manager
New Hire Tim Taylor - Marketing Manager... [Read more]
•	Our Noble Purpose Statement is 'One Team, Providing Unique Solutions, Committed to Restoring You...
• Our Noble Purpose Statement is "One Team, Providing Unique Solutions, Committed to Restoring Your Peace of Mind" • Our Mission Statement is "To be the best in our industry by treating our customers like family & providing proven solutions with WOW service." • Family Owned and Operated Since 1965... [Read more]
Job Stories From Onondaga County, NY
Waterproofing in Clay

Rosemary from Caly called Woodford Bros., Inc. comlaining of water in her basement. She was renting the apartment and wanted to give the landlord a quote to fix the water issue. On Feb 2nd a Woodford Bros., Inc. Design specialist came up with a plan to fix the water and musty smell in the basement. 

Our Desing Specialist explained that the water was seeping through their walls, floors, and joints between them.  She informed them that their original waterproofing system seemed to be clogged.  This could be fixed, but he warned them it probably would not be long-lasting.  She then suggested a permanent solution, the WaterGuard system.  Their was instant appeal to the fact that it was a non-clogging pipe system that does not rot.  After doing more research on the products of Basement Systems, Rosemary decided that she wanted BrightWall panels to enhance the aesthetics of the dark, bare basement walls.  

Waterproofing in Clay - Photo 1Waterproofing in Clay - Photo 2Waterproofing in Clay - Photo 3Waterproofing in Clay - Photo 4
Radon Midigation in Skaneateles

Dan from Skaneateles called us with Radon being his major concern. Dan had his home in Skaneateles tested and the Radon level was 5.6 so he know something had to be done. The homeowners contacted Woodford Bros., Inc. on December 13th, then on February 19th our design specialist Jonathan Bumpus went to Dan's house to give him a solution.

The Radon mitigation system was installed and Dan's problem has been fixed! Can the Basement Brothers help you?

Radon Midigation in Skaneateles - Photo 1
Saving a Basement in Syracuse, NY 13208

Saving a Basement in Syracuse, NY 13208

    Patricia of Syracuse, NY had water damage in her basement, mold on the walls, and a settling foundation walls. She reached out to Woodford Bros., Inc. for help to save her basement.  

    The major repairs to Patricia’s basement and foundation walls included the installation of WaterGuard, TripleSafe Sump Pump System, SaniDry Sedona, Bright Wall, SmartJacks and PowerBraces. Each of these products play an important part in saving Patricia’s basement. WaterGuard is designed specifically for the interior perimeter, it sits on the top of the footing, which helps keep mud from clogging the drain. The TripleSafe Sump Pump works with the WaterGuard System to push the water up and out of the basement, and with the SaniDry Sedona hooked up Patricia’s basement is cool and dry. In addition to those waterproofing products, BrightWall adds a clean basement wall and stops water vaper from damaging the walls, and any leaks of moisture drain down to the WaterGuard System. The PowerBrace System is a unique way to stabilize the basement walls by tightening the braces to slowly reinforce the walls, and SmartJacks installed to lift the floors to the original level.

     After Woodford Bros., Inc. completed the installation Patricia is able to enjoy her fresh and dry basement and doesn’t have to worried about the stability of her foundation walls and floors.

“Wonderful People, they did a great job. Very happy!”


Syracuse, NY

Saving a Basement in Syracuse, NY 13208 - Photo 1Saving a Basement in Syracuse, NY 13208 - Photo 2Saving a Basement in Syracuse, NY 13208 - Photo 3Saving a Basement in Syracuse, NY 13208 - Photo 4Saving a Basement in Syracuse, NY 13208 - Photo 5Saving a Basement in Syracuse, NY 13208 - Photo 6Saving a Basement in Syracuse, NY 13208 - Photo 7Saving a Basement in Syracuse, NY 13208 - Photo 8
Garage Foundation & Wall Repair in Syracuse, NY 13219

Garage Foundation & Wall Repair in Syracuse, NY 13219

    Amanda of Syracuse, NY noticed that her garage block foundation was cracking and settling. She was in need to get professional help. Amanda told Woodford Bros., Inc. that, “I kept hearing everyone I know say, ‘If you’re going to get anything done with your foundation, call Woodford. No one else can do what they do for the same quality for price.’ They were absolutely correct.”

    She called the office and set up a Free Estimate with the Customer Care Center. Amanda said, “Every time I had a question and had to call the representatives were kind and understanding while providing me with prompt answers.” Shortly after, one of our experienced design specialist went out to meet with Amanda. He told her exactly what needed to be done at a reasonable price to save the foundation and structure of her garage. Amanda was very impressed with the professionalism and knowledge of the design specialist. She told us, “Tim was great. He took great care in explaining each charge and why it was necessary. I knew that through every step he was looking for ways to keep the job within budget without sacrificing quality.”

    The foreman and his crew arrived and the project to repair Amanda’s garage began. The area to be repaired was jacked, rigged and lifted utilizing Woodford Bros., Inc. basic standard operating procedure. The garage was lifted and supported by 4’’ increments, the foreman determined how much support was necessary to safely support the structure. Then the soil on the outside of the foundation was excavated and filled back in after the garages foundation was appropriately stabilized by the foreman. A conventional mortar was laid using cement blocks. The crew formed and poured strip footings with re-bar to reinforce the footings. A drainage discharge line was buried to keep water that can affect the structure in the future away from the foundation.

   Once the project was completed and all went as planned in the proposal Amanda was beyond happy with the results. She told Woodford Bros., Inc. “Wayne and the guys were fantastic! They were clean, respectful, and VERY hard working! They showed up each morning ready to put in some hard work, and BOY did they! The crew was careful to clean up any mess they made throughout the work process and each day they left they ensured that the property was secured and tidy.”

    Overall the project went extremely well and we loved working with Amanda! There’s no doubt that Amanda is enjoying her safely secured garage foundation, “Every employee I had the privilege to work with was amazing. From the admin folks to the Install guys it was a very professional and worry free experience.” Woodford Bros., Inc. team is pleased to provide peace of mind to Amanda.

Garage Foundation & Wall Repair in Syracuse, NY 13219 - Photo 1Garage Foundation & Wall Repair in Syracuse, NY 13219 - Photo 2Garage Foundation & Wall Repair in Syracuse, NY 13219 - Photo 3Garage Foundation & Wall Repair in Syracuse, NY 13219 - Photo 4Garage Foundation & Wall Repair in Syracuse, NY 13219 - Photo 5Garage Foundation & Wall Repair in Syracuse, NY 13219 - Photo 6Garage Foundation & Wall Repair in Syracuse, NY 13219 - Photo 7
Concrete Repair Brewerton, NY

On August 7th our customer Lori F. called and requested that Woodford Bros., Inc. come out to her home to take a look at a problem she had. Lori's concrete was not level and really had become a dangerous situation. Woodford Bros., Inc. had already fixed part of the concrete so this trip was really just one to check up on the work we did and make sure everything was working out. Our concrete repair team put an additional layer of sealant on the concrete and made sure we have a happy homeowner. 

Concrete Repair Brewerton, NY - Photo 1
Polylevel Brewerton, NY

   The Brewerton Post Office called Woodford Brothers for help repairing their sinking concrete in front of the building. The un-leveled and sinking concrete slabs had become a safety hazard for pedestrians on the sidewalk and entering in and out of the post office. Woodford Brothers came out and lifted all the concrete slabs using Polylevel. The Foreman on the job James Parker and his crew injected the Polylevel foam and using their perfected skills where able to level it perfectly to its original position. Now the post office front sidewalk is safe for the community!

Polylevel Brewerton, NY - Photo 1
Interior Basement Waterproofing Bridgeport, NY

    Judy from Bridgeport, NY noticed her basement was damp, wet, moldy and had a bad smell. She had heard of Woodford Brothers from a friend, Judy decided to call us for help. Tess in the Customer Care Center spoke with her on the phone, Tess schedule a free estimate to have a Design Specialist meet with her to inspect her basement. Jim Alo went out two days later to meet with Judy. Jim inspected the basement and gave Judy a proposal to Interior Waterproof her basement. She felt confident and ready to move forward with the repair project. Judy’s Interior Waterproofing project will start in December 2019!

Interior Basement Waterproofing Bridgeport, NY - Photo 1
Basement Waterproofing in Jordan, NY

Marilyn from Jordan, NY called Woodford Brothers to schedule an estimate for fixing her drainage problems in her basement, "I am recently widowed and my basement has always been wet with a sump pump. This morning's rain is running thru my basement and I really need some help." She spoke to Devin in the Customer Care Center to schedule an estimate with one of our Design Specialist. Chris Rhea went out to Marilyn's house a few later and gave her a proposal to install a Sump Pump and SaniDry. Marilyn was excited to move forward with the project. Jason Hodge and Clint French arrived to the job site and installed the interior pump and drainage system. Once the work was completed Marilyn was extremely happy to finally have a dry basement!

Basement Waterproofing in Jordan, NY - Photo 1
Foundation Wall Repair in La Fayette, NY

     Dave from LaFayette, NY knew his foundation was in trouble! He passed a Woodford Brothers truck on the road one day and decided it was time to address his foundation issues. He called the office and spoke with one of the girls in the Customer Care Center, Dave scheduled a date and time to meet with one of Woodford Brothers Design Specialist. A few weeks later Dave meant with Tim Tramontana, Tim wrote up a proposal for the repairs of the foundation. Dave was confident in the proposal and excited to get the work start. The project was scheduled to take 8 days. The Foreman and his crew of 4 arrived to begin the work. They had lots of work ahead…The foundation walls were stabilized with Woodford Brothers standard jack, rig and lift procedure. They did a full restoration to a bowed out wall. Drainage and discharge lines dug and filled in, to keep water from entering and effecting the stabilized foundation. Lastly, DryStack and Parging was applied to the inside and the outside of the repaired walls.

Foundation Wall Repair in La Fayette, NY - Photo 1
Waterproofing in Fabius, NY

  Sandy had water coming into her basement. She called Woodford Brothers to schedule an estimate. Tim Tramontana created a proposal to dry up Sandy’s basement. The Foreman with his crew dug around the outside of the foundation, and installed a curtain drain system. The area was then back-filled and stone was poured to fill and bury the discharge line. The outside of the foundations cracks were repaired and parged. A parge coat is a thin coat of a cementitious or polymeric mortar applied to concrete or masonry for refinement of the surface.

Waterproofing in Fabius, NY - Photo 1Waterproofing in Fabius, NY - Photo 2Waterproofing in Fabius, NY - Photo 3Waterproofing in Fabius, NY - Photo 4Waterproofing in Fabius, NY - Photo 5Waterproofing in Fabius, NY - Photo 6Waterproofing in Fabius, NY - Photo 7
Foundation Repair in Marietta, NY

Foundation Repair in Marietta, NY

  Harry from Marietta, NY called Woodford Bros., Inc. for help repairing his deck that was pushing his foundation in. Harry’s home looks over Otisco Lake, NY and from his deck he looks over the lake and hills of Marietta. At a quick glance you would never know the damages that where under his deck and eventually going to cause serious damage to the foundation.

  Rob Masullo and his crew began repairing the deck using Woodford Bros standard jack, rig and lift procedure to straighten the deck. Then the old concrete footings were removed and new helical piers and anchors installed. Pressure treated wood was realigned, removed and replaced.

Foundation Repair in Marietta, NY - Photo 1Foundation Repair in Marietta, NY - Photo 2Foundation Repair in Marietta, NY - Photo 3Foundation Repair in Marietta, NY - Photo 4
Structural Repair in Pompey, NY

  David from Pompey, NY reached out to us in February of 2019 for help on a big home renovations project. He needed a proposal for structural repairs to the building. We sent out our Design Specialist Scott Pietrzak to meet with David at the site. When Scott arrived he did a full inspection of the building, and wrote a proposal. The proposal had three parts starting in the basement, then the first floor and lastly, the second floor.

  David choose to have Woodford Bros., Inc. do the proposed project. The Foreman of the job Jim Stephens and crew began work on April 23rd, 2019.

  The basement’s interior wall had mortar applied in the areas needed. All sill beams that had damage got removed and replaced with new sill beams. New steel adapter plates were installed for work on the first floor.  The first floor had SmartJacks installed. Jim and his crew cutout access through plywood in order to install the new SmartJack structural column supports. These were then attached to the newly installed steel plates and welded together to fix them in place. They also installed new steel beams on the first floor, creating a new header and structure. On the second floor steel columns were welded to newly installed steel beams below and fixed to existing timber beams.

  When the job was completed, David was so happy with the work and his entire experience he is having us come back to do more work.

Structural Repair in Pompey, NY - Photo 1Structural Repair in Pompey, NY - Photo 2Structural Repair in Pompey, NY - Photo 3
Crawl Space Repair in Minoa, NY

Kathleen of Minoa, NY noticed that her floors were sagging and un-level. She called Woodford Bros., Inc. for help repairing the sagging floors and to take a look in her Crawl space to find what could be cause of this. The cement walls had cracks and the support jacks were not holding up the floors. Woodford Bros., Inc. installed new smart jacks and repaired the framing that had been damaged from the heavy weight of the sagging floors above. 

Crawl Space Repair in Minoa, NY - Photo 1Crawl Space Repair in Minoa, NY - Photo 2Crawl Space Repair in Minoa, NY - Photo 3
Concrete Repair Memphis, NY

  Paul and Sandra from Memphis, NY called Woodford Bros., Inc. when they noticed their concrete garage floor was sinking and water was pooling on the floor. Jon Bumpus the Design Specialist and James Parker the Foreman of the job worked together to resolve this problem for Paul and Sandra.

  The scope of work included, stabilizing the exterior concrete of the garages foundation. Then a concrete ramp was incorporated into the already existing concrete slabs to help divert water from settling in the middle, as well as PolyLevel being injected to lifted up the sinking concrete. Once the structure was stabilized to avoid further sinking and shifting, PolyLevel injected under concrete slabs and all water divert away from joints NexusPro crack repair was applied.

Concrete Repair Memphis, NY - Photo 1Concrete Repair Memphis, NY - Photo 2
Foundation Repair, Elbridge, NY

   Helene from Elbridge, NY called Woodford Bros., Inc. and said “Our Basement is not water proofed and has false walls. So when it rains or the snow melts we get water in our basement that take a while to dry out.” When she spoke with the Customer Care Department they schedule an appointment for Helene to meet with Tim Tramontana for a free estimate.

  The Foreman on the job Bill Fuller and his crew arrived to begin work a few weeks later. The project details included, demoing the concrete foundation walls, form and pour strip footings and reinforce with re-bar. Then lay new mortar with cement blocks, permanently stabilize floors with SmartJacks to lift and level the house. 

Foundation Repair, Elbridge, NY - Photo 1Foundation Repair, Elbridge, NY - Photo 2Foundation Repair, Elbridge, NY - Photo 3Foundation Repair, Elbridge, NY - Photo 4Foundation Repair, Elbridge, NY - Photo 5Foundation Repair, Elbridge, NY - Photo 6Foundation Repair, Elbridge, NY - Photo 7
Waterproofing in Nedrow, NY

Dave of Nedrow, NY called Woodford Bros., Inc. for help waterproofing his basement. The basement gets water leaks during heavy rain and after a snow thaw. He saw Woodford Bros., Inc, TV commercial and called to schedule a free estimate. Andy Ryan visited Dave's home and gave him a detailed estimate to help dry up his basement. The work that needed to be done would consisted of a few waterproofing products. The solutions that Dave needed to solve the water issue was a TrippleSafe Sump Pump and a few beam replacements.

Waterproofing in Nedrow, NY - Photo 1Waterproofing in Nedrow, NY - Photo 2Waterproofing in Nedrow, NY - Photo 3
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