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Crawlspace Encapsulation Corning, NY, with CleanSpace/ Sanidry

A few months ago, Erika moved into her home in Corning, NY. It wasn't long before she recognized the urgent need for her basement crawlspace and grew concerned about potential mold problems in her home. In her search for a solution, she searched the internet to find the best company for crawlspace repairs. This led her to the Woodford Brothers website, where she discovered that we offer free estimates.


Our dedicated Customer Care Team connected Erika with our experienced design specialist, Ernie. He recommended a comprehensive solution: encapsulating her crawlspace using our advanced CleanSpace and Sanidry systems. By sealing off the crawl space from external elements, this method effectively prevents moisture issues and preserves indoor air quality.


Thanks to the Crawl Space Encapsulation System, Erika can now bid farewell to worries about mold and other potential problems in her crawlspace. 

PolyLevel/ NexusPro Concrete Driveway Repair in Horseheads, NY

Jialin, a new resident of Horseheads, NY, had been living in her home for just over a year when she noticed the concrete driveway was uneven and potentially hazardous. Worries about tripping hazards and basement water issues led her to seek a solution. They discovered Woodford Bros Inc. through a social media ad offering free estimates and promptly visited the company's website to learn more.


Our Customer Care team quickly responded to Jialin's inquiry, connecting them with Design Specialist Erik, who assessed their driveway and explained the company's advanced PolyLevel and NexusPro technologies. Erik also inspected the basement and outlined Woodford Bros' basement waterproofing process, gaining Jialin's confidence in the project. After completion, Jialin's driveway was restored and hazard-free, while their basement was safeguarded against water issues, providing newfound peace of mind.


Woodford Bros., Inc. transformed Jialin's home from a place of concern to one of safety and peace. Their uneven driveway was repaired using cutting-edge technology, eliminating tripping hazards. Simultaneously, basement waterproofing ensured protection against water damage, allowing Jialin to fully enjoy their home without worries.

Penn Yann Crawlspace Encapsulation

Cindy, a resident of Penn Yan, was in the process of selling her beloved cottage on Keuka Lake. During the preparations, she made a troubling discovery – issues in the cottage's crawlspace. Moisture, mildew, and the possibility of mold growth had taken their toll, causing some of the support beams and joists to crack. The situation had become so severe that the floor had started to sag. Concerned about the structural integrity of her cottage, Cindy decided to seek professional help. She turned to the web, searching for "waterproofing near me," and that's when she discovered Woodford Bros Inc., a company offering free estimates for such issues. Cindy was promptly connected with our knowledgeable design specialist, Bill. Bill's educational approach impressed Cindy as he explained the best solution for her problem – the 4-Step Crawl Space Encapsulation System offered by Woodford Bros Inc. This comprehensive system not only promises to address the existing moisture and structural issues but also to prevent future water intrusion, seal air leaks, and condition the air within the crawl space. Cindy decided to move forward with the recommended solution, and our dedicated crew, including Dylan E, Zack A, and Tray T, swung into action. Throughout the project, Cindy found them to be not only highly skilled but also super nice guys who took the time to explain the process and answer any questions she had. Once the project was completed, Cindy was thrilled with the results. Her cottage's crawlspace had been transformed from a damp, potentially hazardous area into a dry, well-sealed, and conditioned space leaving her impressed with the professionalism and expertise of the Woodford Bros team. 

Basement Waterproofing in Sidney, NY

Arlene, a homeowner in Sidney, NY for nearly 20 years, faced a challenge when she began noticing excessive moisture in her basement approximately 3-4 years ago. With plans to sell her home in the near future, Arlene recognized the importance of addressing these basement issues to maximize her property's value.


In her quest for a solution, Arlene discovered Woodford Bros., Inc. through a television advertisement and was intrigued by our offer of free estimates. She promptly visited our website and submitted her information to schedule an appointment. Our dedicated Customer Care team promptly reached out to Arlene and efficiently arranged her free estimate appointment.


During the appointment, our experienced Design Specialist provided Arlene with the assurance she needed. We outlined a comprehensive solution that involved the installation of our WaterGuard, TrenchDrain, SuperSump with a discharge line, SoakAway, and SaniDry systems. With Woodford Bros., Inc.'s expertise and commitment to quality, Arlene regained confidence in her property's value.


At Woodford Bros Inc, we take pride in helping homeowners like Arlene secure peace of mind and top value for their properties through our proven solutions and dedicated customer service.

Pool Concrete Repair in Cortland, NY

Susan, a Cortland, NY resident, had moved into her home approximately two years ago. Upon settling into her new home, she quickly noticed a troubling issue – the concrete surrounding her pool had cracks and had settled unevenly. This situation not only bothered Susan but also posed a potential safety hazard for her and her family. Her primary concern was the safety of the area around the pool. She turned to the trusty tool of the modern age – Google search. Typing in "concrete repair near me," she hoped to find a local expert who could address her concerns effectively. Among the search results, the Woodford Bros., Inc. website stood out. Intrigued, Susan began filling out the required information for a free estimate. Upon receiving Susan's request, our Customer Care team promptly scheduled a consultation. Lindsay, our Design Specialist, visited Susan's property, examined the concrete problem meticulously, and explained to Susan that we had the perfect solution to her predicament. Lindsay introduced Susan to our 2-step PolyLevel and NexusPro concrete repair process. She assured Susan that with this method, the tripping hazard around her pool would become a thing of the past. Susan was thrilled to hear this, as her peace of mind about the safety of her pool area was finally being restored. Our experts efficiently carried out the concrete repairs, making the pool area safe. Susan's worries were put to rest, and her peace of mind was fully restored.

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