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Can I make a partial basement into a full basement?

It is possible to convert a partial basement to a full basement, however, it is not a simple process and requires a fair amount of time, money, and research.

How do you fix radon?

You can fix radon levels in your home by having a radon mitigation system installed. Our radon mitigation system brings radon safely out of your home through a PVC pipe that can be installed inside or outside the home and connects to a fan at the top of the structure that will vent the gas out and away from your home. Radon entry points are then sealed to resist gas entry using a urethane caulking compound.

How is radon removed?

Each radon mitigation system design varies depending on the structure of your home. While the exact design installed into the home may differ, radon mitigation systems typically bring radon safely out of your home through pipes.

How to fix a block foundation?

We offer several different solutions to foundation settlement issues, each designed to address a different kind of foundation problem. Call us for your free estimate to determine what solution would work best for your home!

How to fix a shifting house foundation?

We fix foundation settlement issues by installing steel foundation piers. These piers will extend beneath the foundation, contacting strong supporting soils that will permanently stabilize your structure. There are several different types of foundation piers, each one designed to address a different kind of foundation problem. We install push piers, helical piers, and slab piers.

How to fix basement walls that bowing?

Woodford Bros. Inc. offers a handful of solutions to fix your bowing or buckling walls. Installing Supportworks' Geo-Lock Wall Anchors along the bowing walls, and use the system's clamping pressure to help stabilize and restore the wall. In cases where space issues prohibit wall anchor installation, we recommend installing the PowerBrace Wall System or CarbonArmor Wall Reinforcing System.

How to fix radon in your home?

At Woodford Bros. Inc. we use sub-slab depressurization to reduce radon levels in your home. We install a PVC pipe that collects soil gases and pipes them upwards in the building. A radon depressurization vent then forces the radon out of your home.

How to fix water coming into your foundation to house?

At Woodford Bros. Inc., we offer a wide range of waterproofing products and services to help you quickly eliminate your wet basement. Our solutions include perimeter drainage systems, doorway drainage systems, sump pumps, waterproof wall and floor products, wall and floor crack repairs, replacement windows, water heater flood protection, and frozen discharge line prevention. Our systems come with a lifetime written warranty that restores the value of your home and gives homeowners and buyers confidence that their home is protected.

How to patch a concrete basement wall?

Even the smallest crack in your basement wall can allow water to seep into your basement. The first step to repairing a leaky wall is to install one of our drainage systems. We then would use an innovative polyurethane sealant called FlexiSpan to seal the crack. This type of sealant will never dry or crack and can flex to the natural movement of your foundation wall, ensuring a completely waterproofed seal.

What is radon mitigation?

Our radon mitigation system uses sub-slab depressurization to reduce radon levels. A PVC pipe is installed to collect soil gasses that pipe the radon upwards in the building. A radon depressurization vent then forces radon out of your home.

Who fixes a foundation in Syracuse?

At Woodford Bros. Inc., our team of experienced in-house foundation repair experts is here to help solve all your foundation problems in Syracuse, Binghamton, Utica, and nearby Central New York!

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