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Job review from in Smithville Flats,, NY 13841 on 11/06/20

Overall Rating:

4  out of 5
Our Overall Service

I have no issue with the crew. They did a great job. I feel there was something missing on the job. Lack of communication maybe?

Call Representative

Who was the call representative? Someone on the phone setting up the appointment? That was fine.

Sales Process

David Falge was a very nice person. However, after we had signed the contract we found out that he was not the best person in your company to be sent to estimate our job. I understand that this may have been the first post replacement job he had tackled. I do not entirely fault him, but I fault whoever scheduled him for this job. I feel many issues would have been avoided if someone more experienced was sent either alone, or to accompany Dave to use as a training process. Or, if David had collected the information needed, had someone review it with him before we were given the job cost, many problems could have been avoided.

Our Installation Crew

Worked in the most nasty weather mother nature could throw at them and never gave up. Were on time, friendly, respectful, and did a great job.

The Cleanup Process

Considering that between days of rain, frost, and snow, and being in the fall of the year they left the job as good as could be expected. All we need to do in the spring is rake and seed.

What made you choose our company:

You were highly recommended by anyone we spoke to that was familiar with your company. You have a great reputation.

Company's Response:

Hi  Thomas,


We received your installation survey results and we would like to thank you for choosing to work with Woodford Bros, Inc.! We really appreciate your business and truly value you as a customer. Customer satisfaction is extremely important to us, and we'd love to hear your feedback on how you feel about your product once you get to use it for yourself! If you could take a few minutes to leave us a review on Google , we'd be so happy.


To submit your review, simply click the link above and let us know what you think!


Thanks in advance for taking the time to leave a review! If you have any questions or would like to speak directly to someone please feel free to contact us 315-696-8971 at any time.




Tess Rounsaville
Service & Production Coordinator
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