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Woodford Bros., Inc. Talks about Foundation Problems with Local News Channel 9

On Wednesday March 4th, 2020 Woodford Bros., Inc. President Tom Woodford Jr. and Vice President Mike Woodford did a segment on Local News Channel 9 Bridge Street show at 10:00am. Tom & Mike sat down with Bridge Street Host TeNasha Murphy and Sistina Giordano to inform home owners about cracks in dry wall and foundation problems to look for.

      Home Owners in Central New York have crazy weather year round from snow storms, rain, snow melt and more. Many times if you live in a house in the winter time everything might seem okay, but then once spring hits you may see some changes in your house. So, what signs should you be looking for to indicate a problem in your home? Tom Woodford Jr. says, “look for cracks in the foundation and dry wall, these cracks can be visible for a quite a while…but we recommended to not let those cracks go and to call us to take a look.” What could be causing the cracks in your foundation? Mike Woodford says, “The hydrostatic water pressure builds up on the back side of the wall. That water puts pressure on the wall and causes it to push forward.” Weather conditions in Central New York regularly go through multiple thaws throughout the winter and into the beginning of spring. Which means water pressure builds up during those heavy thaws and then is released through the cracks into the basement over and over causing the cracks to grow over time. The larger the cracks and more your foundation moves you will then start to notice cracks in your dry wall and your windows and doors not opening and closing. The problems will not get better on their own, it will just keep getting worse and more dangerous over time. If you’re a home owner and notice a crack in your foundation or dry wall don’t ignore it! Call the experts over at Woodford Bros., Inc. to come take a look. If you handle the problem early you will have a small fix. But the longer you let it go you will have a cracked, bowing and settling foundation, water in your basement and structural problems upstairs.  It’s important to all home owners and property owners to keep track of things like structural soundness and water coming into your by recognizing small changes in your home. Becoming aware of potential problems in your home will help to protect your home’s value. Mike Woodford said, “Think about the square footage you paid for in your house, the basement represents 30-50% of your houses square footage.” Some houses don’t have cracks in the foundation or water coming in, so what can you do to prevent problems? Well, it’s hard to predict how long your house will hold up or if you have hidden problems. So look out for mold, damp walls, musty odors and puddling water. Many home built 20 to 25 years ago may have never had any problems but over time drain tiles around the perimeter of the foundation tend to get clogged up and cause water build up inside and outside your basements foundation walls.  Woodford Bros., Inc. has been in the industry since 1962 and Tom & Mike have mastered the skills to repair failing foundations and waterproofing basements. They have many solutions to repairing your cracked foundation walls such as, The Woodford Wall Pushing System. Woodford Bros., Inc. announced the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued Patent US 2018/02456360 A1, entitled "Apparatus and Method for Straightening and/or Pushing a Wall." The Patent covers the design and manufacturing of Woodford Wall Pushing System WWPS for the treatment of bowing walls or sheared walls. This proprietary technology is intended to provide the ability to push a wall back into place without completely rebuilding the wall. Woodford’s team also has solution to keep your basement dry and clean by installing systems to mitigate water out of the basement and dehumidifiers to pull water out of the air. It’s never too late to have your home looked at. Call Woodford Bros., Inc. and “The Basement Brothers” will give you peace of mind in knowing your home repair needs are in good hands. Our team at Woodford Bros., Inc. have been trained by the best to provide the best solutions for your home repair needs and to help add value to your house and biggest investment.


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