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How do I stop my basement from seeping water?

Thursday, March 26th, 2020 by Tim Taylor

How do I stop my basement from seeping water?

This is a question we get all the time.
Heres the skinny... We are going to give you 5 steps you can take right now to help stop the water from seeping in.
These are 5 steps any homeowner can take. These are things to try before calling in an expert and don't need too much prior knowledge. Here they are:


5 steps to stop water from seeping into your basement.

  1. Clean Gutters
  2. Check all Downspouts
  3. Improve Grading
  4. Install Dehumidifier
  5. Repair Window Wells

1) Clean Gutters

When it rains, clogged gutters can overflow. This overflow causes rainwater to pool around your foundation. Removing leaves and debris can keep the water flowing. your goal, prevent the soil around your house from becoming saturated. Home Advisor has a simple chart on DIY vs calling in someone.

2) Check all Downspouts

Spring rain is great for flowers but now your basement. Downspout extenders direct water away from the house. Make sure yours are clear and the water flows far enough away from your home.
Washington Post says you should have the downspouts run at least four feet away.

3) Improve Grading

Make sure your soil is pitch away from your home. Get the water to drain toward your yard, not your foundation. Get the water away from your home. Here is a great video on YouTube from This Old House explaining how to fix your grading.

4) Install a Dehumidifier

Cold air and warm air causes moisture. The air can be a big part of moisture in basements. One way to combat this is by installing a Dehumidifier. Now not all Dehumidifiers are the same. Some get rid of the moisture while others also filter the air. Make the air throughout the entire home healthier. Remember 80% of the air we breathe comes from our basement. Here at Woodford, we recommend a SaniDry Sedona. This system is light years ahead of everything else out there.

5) Repair Window Wells

Checking and repairing window wells can be a complicated step. Why? Window wells and their drains can become clogged with leaves and debris. This could cause water to seep into your basement. You could look into installing a window well cover. This is a quick way to keep your windows clear. Also, this is a good time to check if your windows are up to code. Here is a good breakdown on Angie's List of egress windows. They will come up with further plans or any recommendations you should consider.
Even if you fixed the problem, have one of our experts take a look. We offer FREE basement inspections.
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