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Crawlspace Waterproofing Sherburne, NY.

Stephanie and Mike, recent homeowners in Sherburne, NY, found themselves facing a pressing issue: a compromised crawlspace. In their pursuit of a solution, a Google search for "crawlspace repairs" led them to Woodford Bros Inc. Eager for a remedy, they submitted their details, securing a free estimate from our team.


Upon thorough assessment of the situation, our experts recommended a comprehensive approach: waterproofing the crawlspace and harnessing the power of our advanced SaniDry dehumidifier. The SaniDry™ dehumidifier efficiently eliminates excess moisture, fostering an environment of optimal humidity. By curbing the dampness, we prevent the emergence of mold, avoid musty odors, stave off wood deterioration, and foil potential pest incursions.


Thanks to Woodford Bros., Inc., Stephanie and Mike can now lay their crawlspace concerns to rest. The implementation of our moisture mitigation measures not only resolves their immediate issue but also contributes to the enhancement of their property's value.


At Woodford Bros., Inc., we take pride in delivering effective solutions that stand the test of time, safeguarding homes and elevating peace of mind.

Basement Waterproofing in Syracuse, NY

Tim, a Syracuse, NY homeowner who has cherished his property for years, recently encountered a series of challenges. His basement suffered significant water damage from not one, but two substantial storms, leaving him feeling frustrated and overwhelmed. Recognizing that a damp basement could substantially diminish his home's value, he longed for the reassurance that accompanies a dry and secure living space. 


Taking initiative, Tim scoured the internet in search of a reputable company capable of resolving his basement moisture problem. This quest led him to Woodford Bros., Inc., where he discovered our extensive experience in basement waterproofing. Inspired by what he found, Tim reached out to us and was pleasantly surprised to discover our commitment to providing free estimates.


During Tim's appointment, our Design Specialist not only conducted a comprehensive assessment but also dedicated time to thoroughly elucidate our basement waterproofing systems, which encompass the installation of our state-of-the-art CleanSpace and SaniDry technologies. 


Empowered by the expertise of our professionals and the cutting-edge solutions we offer, Tim successfully restored his peace of mind and augmented his property's value. Freed from the burden of concerns about a damp basement, his home became a more enticing prospect for potential buyers, should he ever choose to sell.

Basement Waterproofing in Syracuse, NY

Rita has been residing in her Syracuse, NY home for over two decades. Approximately 12 years ago, she started noticing a significant amount of moisture accumulating in her basement, which raised concerns about the possibility of a flooded basement and the growth of mold and mildew. Rita also had a personal goal of fully finishing her basement to create a space for her own projects. Given her positive experiences with Woodford Bros in the past, she felt confident in reaching out to our team for help.


Rita contacted our customer care team, who promptly scheduled a free consultation for her. During the consultation, our Design Specialist, Lindsay, reassured Rita that Woodford Bros had the expertise and solutions to waterproof her basement effectively. Rita was comforted by the knowledge that our company uses a complete line of patented, award-winning products that have a proven track record of keeping basements dry for over 30 years.


Rita was incredibly thankful for the services provided by Woodford Bros. She had been a repeat customer, having used our services twice before, and had even recommended us to others. In her review, she expressed her satisfaction, saying, "This is the third time I have used Woodford Brothers and have recommended them to others. Fantastic people to work with."

EverBRACE Wall Systems Foundation Repair in Syracuse, NY

Rebecca, a new homeowner in Syracuse, NY, embarked on an exciting journey when she purchased her dream home. However, her joy turned into concern when she discovered that her basement walls were bowing, potentially jeopardizing the safety and integrity of her property. In her quest for a solution, Rebecca was referred to Woodford Bros Inc, a trusted name in foundation and basement repair. With a sense of urgency and a desire for a lasting fix, she reached out to us for help.


During the initial consultation, our Design Specialist thoroughly assessed the condition of Rebecca's basement walls and outlined a comprehensive plan to address the bowing issue. Once Rebecca gave the green light, our team of installers swung into action. They swiftly and skillfully installed our EverBRACE system, a proven solution to reinforce and stabilize bowing basement walls. Rebecca was overjoyed with the results. Her basement was transformed from a potential hazard to a secure and stable space. The peace of mind that our team provided was invaluable. If you're facing foundation or basement issues, trust Woodford Bros Inc to provide the expertise, confidence, and outstanding service! 

Basement Waterproofing in Liverpool, NY

Christine, a long-time resident of Liverpool, reached out to Woodford Bros., Inc. after noticing a hole in her basement foundation, causing concern for both her peace of mind and property value. Impressed by our strong reputation in foundation repair, Christine submitted her contact information through our website, prompting a swift response from our customer care team to arrange a FREE estimate.


During her appointment, our Design Specialist, Chris, detailed our foundation repair process and recommended waterproofing for Christine's basement. Chris's thorough explanation and patient responses to her questions left Christine thoroughly satisfied with the proposed solution.


The project commenced with an outstanding crew led by Foreman Austin, along with Johnny, Joey Morgan, and Parker. Their meticulous approach demonstrated unwavering care and respect for Christine's home and property. They began by meticulously covering everything with plastic and protecting floors and steps. Christine was particularly impressed by the professionalism and courtesy of this team.


In her own words, Christine expressed her utmost satisfaction with Woodford Bros., Inc., commending Chris for his detailed estimate that left her fully informed about the project. She emphasized that the investment was worth every penny, citing the exceptional quality of the new sump pump and the considerate approach taken in preserving her finished basement's paneling, bookcases, and cupboards.


Christine's glowing endorsement concluded with her intention to hire us again next summer for concrete work around her pool, highlighting her confidence in our company's capabilities.


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