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Woodford Bros., Inc. is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Oswego. Learn more about Woodford Bros., Inc.'s recent work requests in Oswego and nearby areas!

Learn more about Woodford Bros., Inc.'S recent work requests in Oswego, NY
Vicinity of Murray St. in Oswego
Sidewalk settling and uneven. Garage floor sunken in center. Concrete itself in good shape both locations.
Vicinity of in Oswego
Small attached mudroom wall leaning, concrete blocks on foundation moved, door doesn't open, water collects inside, concrete slab lowered at garage overhead door. Also a crack in the drywall in the room above which opens in winter and closes in summer, and back door on porch does not function in winter
Vicinity of East Oneida St in Oswego
I'm losing dirt in my backyard, possibly due to erosion, and want to make sure my foundation is safe. The sidewalk next to the house has cracked and sunk on back corner. I need an idea of what to do to fix it. Thank you.
Vicinity of Sunset Bay Road in Oswego
Need to know if corner of house is stable or settling
Vicinity of in Oswego
I am looking for someone who can lift my existing 28x32 Steel garage and set 3 or 4 more courses of bocks under it to raise the roof.Is your company capable? Thanks, Jim
Vicinity of in Oswego
Open front porch has sunk couple inches and driveway in several areas. Would like free estimate. Thank you

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