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Foundation Repair
Floor Crack Repair
Sagging Crawlspace Repair
Uneven Floor Repair
Foundation Heave Repair
Street Creep Repair
Tilting Chimney Repair
Push Pier Underpinning
Ez Post Deck Repair

Wall Crack Repair
Collapsing Retaining Wall Repair
Powerbrace Bowed Wall Repair
Carbonarmor Fiber Wall Repair
Shotcrete Wall Restoration
Geo-lock Wall Anchors
Geo-lock Helical Anchors
Aspen Air Purifier

Concrete Leveling and Lifting
Mud Jacking
Polylevel Injection
Slab Pier Repair
Polylevel Concrete Lifting

Commercial Foundation Repair
Push Pier Installation
Helical Anchor Installation
Helical Tieback Installation
Helical Pile Placement
Crawl Space Jacking
Polyurethane Grouting

Before and After Pictures from Bath
Concrete Repair in Bath, NY

Concrete Repair in Bath, NY

Before After
Concrete Repair in Bath, NY Concrete Repair in Bath, NY

Mandy of Bath, NY was having a difficult time shoveling her unlevel concrete driveway. Water pooling in some areas creating a slip hazard and she was not pleased with the way her driveway looked. She came across one of our PolyLevel posts on Facebook and scheduled a free estimate. Our Design Specialist, Joe, took thorough measurements of her driveway and determined exactly what we could do to help her situation. Joe and Mandy agreed that her best option was to install our 3-part concrete protection system. It includes PolyLevel to lift and level as well as fill any voids below the concrete slabs. It also includes NexusPro, our concrete joint sealant to seal any cracks and all control joints to protect the soil from water intrusion. Finally, the concrete is sealed using SealantPro. It's a highly versatile silicone-based, penetrating concrete sealant. Its primary function is to keep moisture, and other chemicals from being absorbed into the concrete, which can cause it to deteriorate, particularly through freeze/thaw cycles. Our expert installation crew, led by Richard, made quick work of fixing and protecting the driveway as well as the concrete walkways on the property. Mandy now has peace of mind that her driveway is repaired and protected, no more trouble shoveling.

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CNY Business Journal Best Places to Work List 2023
CNY Business Journal Best Places to Work List 2023... [Read more]
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Concrete & Foundation Repair Services in Bath, NY

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Your Foundation Repair Experts in Bath, NY

Home Foundation Repair

We offer simple, permanent solutions for your home's foundation problems. With years of experience and carefully designed, tested, and patented solutions we are proud of our work and give written warranties.

Repairs for:
  • Uneven Floors
  • Sloping Floors
  • Sagging Floors above Crawlspaces
  • Floor Cracks
  • Street Creep

  • Bowing Walls
  • Interior Wall Cracks
  • Exterior Wall Cracks
  • Foundation Heave
  • Tilting Chimney

Concrete Leveling & Lifting

We fix cracked concrete at your home using Polylevel, a better alternative to traditional mudjacking. Using PolyLEVEL allows us to create a stable but light support to the concrete that won't wash away and cures quickly. This creates a permanent, waterproof solution to your concrete issues.

We Repair:
  • Sinking concrete steps or sidewalks
  • Sinking or Tilting Concrete Driveways and Patios
  • Cracking and Sinking of Concrete Slabs

Commercial Foundation Repair

We are your Bath trusted professionals for construction of commercial, residential, government, municipal buildings and more providing remedial repair of existing structures as well as end-bearing deep foundations for new construction.

We Provide:
  • Crawl Space Jacks
  • Cellular Concrete
  • Push Pier Systems
  • Helical Anchors
  • Helical Tiebacks

  • Polyurethane Grouting
  • Load Testing
  • Foundation Design
  • Foundation Restoration

Basement Waterproofing

No homeowner wants to deal with a wet basement. Not only does a wet basement cause a variety of issues like musty smells, mold, and more, a damp basement also detracts from your home's curb appeal and makes it much harder to sell. Very few people want to buy a home with a flooding basement after all.

Woodford Bros., Inc. can help you keep water out of your basement for good and boost your home's curb appeal with our wide range of quality basement waterproofing solutions.

We Provide:
  • Perimeter Drainage Systems
  • Doorway Drainage Systems
  • Sump Pumps
  • Waterproof Wall & Floor Products

  • Wall & Floor Crack Repair
  • Replacement Windows
  • Water Heater Flood Protection
  • Frozen Discharge Line Prevention

Crawl Space Repair Contractor

Homeowners often ignore their crawl spaces and prefer to just keep it out of sight. Unfortunately, a dirty and filthy crawl space will still have detrimental effects on your home. You crawl space might end up leading to issues like mold growth, rotted floor joists, and more. There can also be health concerns as about 50% of the air in your home will pass through the crawl space, picking up any of the mold and dust within. 

Woodford Bros., Inc. can help you repair your crawl space and keep it clean to prevent further issues in the future. We offer a wide range of crawl space repair solutions for any of the problems you might have.

We Provide:
  • Crawl Space Encapsulation
  • Crawl Space Dehumidifiers
  • Crawl Space Insulation

  • Crawl Space Structural Repair
  • Crawl Space Drainage

Radon Mitigation

Help protect your family with our expert radon mitigation services! Our technicians will perform a radon test to determine if the air born levels of radon need to be addressed. If it's concluded that you're in need of radon mitigation, our team will install the necessary equipment to reduce the level of air born radon particles within the designated area.

  • Radon Testing
  • Radon Mitigation
Job Stories From Bath, NY
Tripping Hazard Repair at Bath, NY Home Using PolyLevel

Chris had noticed that the concrete around his home in Bath, NY, had been settling over time, creating significant tripping hazards for him and his family. Concerned about the state of his concrete, Chris reached out to Woodford Bros. to request a free estimate and to learn more about our concrete leveling services.

After an initial inspection, our Design Specialist determined that using our PolyLevel and NexusPro systems would be the most suitable solution for repairing Chris's damaged concrete.

PolyLevel is a lightweight yet strong material capable of lifting and leveling concrete while providing strong support for heavy loads. Its installation is minimally invasive, and it cures quickly.  Additionally, NexusPro effectively seals concrete cracks and joints, offering long-lasting protection against common causes of sinking concrete such as soil compaction and washout. By combining these two systems, Chris can have peace of mind, knowing that his concrete will be permanently stabilized and safeguarded against further sinking.

Foundation Repair in Bath, NY
Jospeh's Bath, NY home had a foundation problem. The parging was worn out the foundation needed some repair. Luckily, he called Woodford Bros., Inc. the foundation experts. We can address any foundation problem from replacing the parget to replacing the entire foundation. We had solutions to stop a wall from bowing to lifting a settled foundation back into place.
Water in your basement? Basement flooding? Leaky foundation walls? High radon levels? Call Woodford for basement waterproofing and foundation repair - we can help! Woodford Bros., Inc. specializes in basement waterproofing, foundation repair, concrete leveling, Barn Restoration, and radon mitigation.
Founded in 1962, Woodford's original focus was foundation and barns. Now, we do basement waterproofing, concrete leveling, radon mitigation, and basement finishing. That's where the name "Basement Brothers" comes from. The owner's Tom and Mike Woodford main value is being honest and hardworking. Our headquarters is in Apulia Station, outside of Tully, NY. We serve all of Central New York, including Syracuse, Rochester, Binghamton, Oswego, Ithaca, and Auburn.
Foundation Repair in Bath, NY - Photo 1
Foundation Repair in Bath, NY

Robert of Bath, NY had recently purchased a home with foundation problems. The crawlspace had been dug out in attempt to create more headroom. The issue is that digging without consideration of the soil that is under the footer creates a structural problem in which the foundation becomes undermined. Woodford Brothers has 60 years of experience. From repairing existing foundations to complete replacements. If your home's foundation has any problem that concerns you, book your free estimate today and let one of our expert Design Specialist help you. 1-855-203-6835


Water in your basement? Cracks in your foundation? Leaky foundation walls? Call Woodford - we can help! Woodford Bros., Inc. specializes in basement waterproofing, foundation repair, concrete leveling and radon mitigation.
Founded in 1962, Woodford's original focus was foundation and barns. Now, we do basement waterproofing, concrete leveling and radon mitigation. That's why Tom and Mike got the name "Basement Brothers." Honesty and hard work are at the heart of what we do, as modelled by Tom and Mike Woodford. Our headquarters is in Apulia Station, outside of Tully, NY. We serve all of Central New York, including Syracuse, Rochester, Binghamton, Oswego, Ithaca, and Auburn.
Foundation Repair in Bath, NY - Photo 1
Foundation Repair in Bath, NY

Tom of Bath, NY called us to look at his foundation after searching for foundation repair companies online. His home had an addition built in the early 90's. The foundation for the addition had been undermined and needed additional support. Our Customer Care team set an appointment with Design Specialist, Lindsay to assess the situation and make recommendations for repair. Woodford Brothers has 60 years of experience repairing foundations and we have solutions for every scenario. In Tom's case, the footer of the crawlspace addition did not have soil underneath and was resting on a wooden board. Knowing this was not right, Tom wanted peace of mind not only for himself but for future owners of the home since he planned on selling within a few years. One of the ways to fix this problem is to underpin the existing footer so it has a solid base to support it. If you are concerned about your home's foundation for any reason, be sure to book your free estimate today. 1-855-203-6835

Foundation Repair in Bath, NY - Photo 1

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