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Winter Weather and the big problem for your home

Winter Weather and the big problem for your home.
As we settle into winter, there are new weather patterns that impact the soil – and your home’s foundation! The winter months bring bouts of heavy moisture with rain, sleet, or snow. This moisture can cause problems for your home's foundation. The problem is soil pressure. Soil pressure on your foundation can create problems or even foundation failure.
Cracked, leaning, or bowing basement walls can develop in homes of any age. The soil pressure especially this time of year can really hurt your foundation. Poured or block foundation walls change with the season. What's the main reason? Soil!
In some cases, the soil's weight is too great for the foundation wall. The other soil problem? High clay content soil expands when wet. This expansion puts pressure against foundation walls. Whatever the cause, there are several telltale signs of foundation wall damage.
In areas with cold winter climates, like Central New York, frost can put pressure on a wall and cause it to fail. This is especially true in unheated basements. Frost can be extremely powerful. From pressure to even lifting foundations out of the ground. Frost can cause significant damage to the home.
The foundation problems caused by the time of year aren't just annoying - they become even bigger over time. Finding and fixing the root cause of the problem will restore your peace of mind. Don’t wait, call the Central New York foundation experts Woodford Bros., Inc.
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