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What is the Stack Effect - And why you should care.

Thursday, December 17th, 2020 by Tim Taylor

What is the Stack Effect - And why you should care.
What is the Stack Effect - And why you should care. - Image 1
Heating and cooling your home is more than adjusting the thermostat.  Home size, basement type, outside temperature, and home insulation are all major factors. These factors add up to what's called the “Stack Effect.” 
Remember the science lesson from elementary school about heat rising? Well, this concept can be applied here! The Stack Effect describes the way that air moves throughout your home.
Warm air rises and leaves your home through the attic. As the air exits the top of your home, it creates a sort of vacuum, pulling in more air through the bottom level of your home.
So where does the air come from in your home? Your musty basement or crawl space.
The Stack Effect is strongest in winter because as warm air rises, basement or crawl space air enters. The result is musty air entering your home. 

What's the main issue? Moisture!

Humidity build-up is costly to cool during the summer months and a smelly problem in the winter. Unsealed crawl spaces and musty basements help mold and other airborne particles travel through your home.
Our Desing Specialist can provide you with steps to end the stack effect. It all starts in your basement or crawl space.
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