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It All Starts With The Foundations

Monday, June 8th, 2020 by Tim Taylor

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It All Starts With The Foundations - Underpinning And Restumping Explained


Owning a home is a huge responsibility not least because of the maintenance required. While there’s so much to consider in terms of the upkeep inside your home, it pays to consider the foundations which sit underneath it too. That’s because foundations are literally what holds a building in place and ensure structural integrity. However, over time foundations can become weakened or damaged. 


Signs you have a problem with your foundations include large cracks in the walls, sloping floor, or even doors that don’t hang correctly. Rather than ignore troubled foundations it’s important to get on top of the issue, especially as it could pose a safety hazard. To do so, you’ll need to restump the foundations of your home. Here’s an overview of what restumping and underpinning entails. 


What Can Cause Problems With Foundations?


  • Weather conditions

  • Plumbing leaks/floods

  • Tree roots

  • Earthquakes

  • Poor ground quality

  • Bad ground prep prior to construction

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Underpinning is the process of building foundations beneath your existing ones. The main reason for underpinning is to strengthen existing foundations. As a result, the weight of your home will be more evenly spread and further movement will be prevented. However, underpinning can also be used to lower the floor or build beneath your home as an alternative to a traditional extension. While underpinning is a complex operation, it is essential where subsidence has occurred. Normally subsidence will present itself as large cracks (larger than 3mm wide) in the walls. By going underneath your foundations and underpinning, this quite literally fixes the issue from the ground up.




Stumps are small blocks that support the weight of your home. Over time, stumps are prone to cracking and breaking, which means the load of your home is not being supported evenly. The process of restumping involves pulling up the floorboards on the ground level of your home. Damaged stumps are located, and a hole is drilled next to them and filled with concrete. Once the support has been restored, the damaged stumps can be removed. The most common sign that restumping is required is sloping floors, as the weight of your home isn’t evenly distributed. If you are considering restumping, then it is best to do so before major renovation/redecoration. Depending on the severity of the issue, homes can either be partially or fully restumped. 


To Sum Up


Building a home does not mean all the work is finished. In fact, various factors can affect the structural integrity of your home. If you have noticed problems with your walls or floors, then it’s time to act. Two such home stump services include restumping and underpinning, and while these processes can be costly to undertake, it will ensure your home is functional but most importantly safe to be in. 

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