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The hidden pain lurking in wet basements

Wednesday, May 13th, 2020 by Tim Taylor

I see this all the time...


A person that I've never met get their time wasted. Not only time but money too.


That's why when my own brother had a problem in his basement I made sure he talked to Woodford Bros., Inc.


I pour my heart into my job and when I see something like this it breaks my heart. I have been at Woodford Bros., Inc. for a while now and my goal is to let everyone in on the Woodford Secret.


Am I too late? For one person I was.


My job is to get the word out about Woodford Bros., Inc. The word is we are experts that show up on time and do the work right. For one customer I was too late to let her in on the secret. Michele is the one I didn’t get the secret out too. 


Before I started at Woodford Bros., Inc. I worked at Channel 9. Our expert in construction was Kaylee Nixon. She knew every construction company in Central New York. Plus, Kaylee knew everyone's reputation. I had heard about Woodford, but my journey into construction had only begun.


I met with Tom and Mike Woodford and I knew right away these were the type of people to work with. And they let me in on a little unknown secret. 


What is the secret? This secret can save homeowners time, money and aggravation. There's a lot of factors when it comes to basement waterproofing or foundation repair. How do these factors affect you?  Time and money.


Time and Money


These are two things everyone needs more of. I can guarantee you one thing I have learned. Time is money. Now, this brings me to a woman I have never met Michele. I noticed her message on a group message board at 3:53 PM on a Sunday.

Facebook post from a upset homepowner  

Her message is a heart breaker if you are the one responsible for getting the word out about Woodford Bros., Inc.


Michele shared in a Facebook group her pain when she had a competitor of Woodford Bros., Inc. waterproof her basement. Michele's new problem, the water line wasn't taken care of. Michele shared her embarrassment of her neighbors complaining about her new problem. The problem that she paid a lot of money to have fixed. One problem lead to yet another problem. But, The REAL PROBLEM more wasted time.


Now, Michele is on a Facebook group at 3:53 pm on a Sunday looking for help. I'm not here to talk bad about our competition, but I will tell you this. Our customers are not out looking for answers to a problem we created at 3:53 on a Sunday.


Michele already wasted her time and money, the two most important things. That's why when I see this my heart breaks. I'm going to let you in on a secret. Here is the secret. The secret that I found out years back at Channel 9.


Not every construction company is the same. You are not comparing apple to apples. We don't waste time, we do the job right. As the famous movie "Good Will Hunting" put it. "How do you like them Apples" Give Woodford Bros., Inc. a call right now. We will stop the water, fix your foundation, level your concrete, and we will fix it for good! 



Woodford Bros., Inc. specializes in basement waterproofing, foundation repair, concrete leveling, and radon mitigation.

Founded in 1962, Woodford Bros., Inc.'s original focus was barns and foundations. Now, we do basement waterproofing, concrete leveling, radon mitigation, and basement finishing. That's where the name "Basement Brothers" comes from. The owner's Tom and Mike Woodford believe in being honest and hardworking.


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