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DIY Disasters made by Foundation problems

Friday, April 17th, 2020 by Tim Taylor

 DIY projects put on hold because of foundsation cracks

Before You Improve Your Home, Repair It

Like most of us, you’re spending way more time at home than you did before. But even after your mile-long “honey-do” list, theirs still things that need fixing. And, now that we’re all stuck on a stay-cation, now seems like the perfect time to tackle those projects—and, it is.
Redoing the kitchen or adding a bathroom or even painting the bedroom a different color. But before you start spending time, effort and money there is one question you need to ask.

Is My Home Ready?

Long before building your home. Someone leveled the area, removing soil from high points and moving it to low points in the landscape. After all, it doesn’t make sense to build a house on uneven ground.
The thing is, this soil settles over time, causing a home’s foundation to sink with it. Add in extreme weather from heavy rains or drought, this can also cause soils to compress, wash out or shrink. When this happens, your home’s foundation sinks. Your foundation settles with the soil, causing problems throughout the structure. This can cause home-improvement projects to turn into a nightmare.
For instance, let’s say you’re hanging drywall to finish a basement and turn it into a home theater. If your foundation isn’t stable, that beautiful, smooth drywall will crack. And as your home continues to settle turning your beautiful man-cave into, well, just a cave.

What About Other Projects?

But it’s not only basements you have to worry about. Foundation settlement can cause issues throughout the home. Your entire house, regardless of how many floors it has, is on this unstable foundation. So, adding that bathroom on the third floor, it best to start with the foundation. No matter the project take the first step.

Step 1 should always be stabilizing your foundation, to stop major problems down the road.


Even painting projects will only be a temporary fix if you’re covering walls that will crack in the future. And, of course, if you’re painting to cover cracks that are already there… well, you just know they’ll reappear. Time to look at the reason they cracked in the first place.

So, What’s the Answer?

Before you start your home improvement project. Start with your foundation. Have your property inspected by a foundation expert. These inspections are free and carry no obligation, so there are zero downsides to having one done.
Our design specialists will take up to several hours to complete the assessment. Then they will present you with the findings in a straightforward, easy-to-understand manner. No scare tactics, what's happening and how to fix it. We can even show you over Zoom or online.
Then you can have confidence in your own home improvement project. Plus any other projects you do in the future.

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