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The cost of Basement Waterproofing

Tuesday, March 24th, 2020 by Tim Taylor



Cost of Waterproofing                                                   Basement Waterproofing Costs



How much does it cost to have your basement waterproofed? This has to be one of the first questions everyone asks me at home shows. Each basement is different so its hard to say. But what if I told you, you can figure out the cost of not waterproofing your basement. With a new life hack called the Cody Method.
Why Cody Method, Cody was one of the first people to show me have to run the numbers.
So what is a dry basement worth to you?
That is the main question. What would your home be worth if you could get rid of the water? Wet basements cost homeowners year after year. Let's be honest clean up from time to time is a headache. But the real cost is your foundation.

Is the water creating a bigger problem?

Do you see any cracks? Have they gotten bigger? The amount of water seems to be growing?
Home Advisor says major foundation repairs could run $10,000. But here at Woodford Bros., Inc. we've seen some repairs costing 4 times that. One home alone the foundation had to be completely rebuilt and it cost the homeowner almost $45,000. That is another mortgage payment.
So what is the cost of not having a dry basement and what is the Cody Method? The Cody method goes like this. Subtract the headaches add the huge cost of major foundation repair.

X + Y = Z

Not yet. This is where the Cody method comes in. What money are you leaving on the table?


That's the average cost of a home in Central New York according to $131,000 but what if you had a dry finished basement? (Feb 2020) 

Zillow puts the value of a basement around $50,000. $50,000 that is the US average number.

Could you home be worth an extra $50,000 when you sell it? That's where Cody Method. People used to think about the number of years they will be in the home. But that number doesn't matter. If you stay you have more usable space. If you move the money will come back to you when you sell.
C - Cost wasted space
O - Opportunity add usable space and sell your home for more
D - Depreciation - Is the water ruining your foundation
Y - You - what's it worth to you
Wand to know if you are leaving money on the table? Have one of Woodford Bros., Design Specialist inspect your basement. They can help you discover more usable space and save money.

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