Barn & Timber Frame Repair

Barn & Timber Frame Repairs

If its sagging, leaning or deteriorating, we can help.


Woodford Brothers Inc. is known for repairing serious structural defects in buildings that are the result of environmental factors, lack of maintenance or original design flaws.

We regularly work on everything from failing foundations, tipping walls and church steeples to cracked or rotted beams and uprights. We specialize in the restoration of post and beam structures, which are some of the oldest and proudest buildings around. We repair buildings with significant problems, particularly structural problems. This includes generally foundations, floor, framing and roofing structural systems that are failing, tipping, cracking, or sinking. We also work on failing retaining walls and problem drainage areas.

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We can restore your structure to its proper frame

If it’s supposed to be straight and level but in reality it’s bowed and tipping; that’s our kind of job!

Some times these defects are the result of a poor original design or a structural failure due to overload, but many times the failure is actually the result of long term deterioration which has been slowly compromising the building for years until if finally breaks. Regardless of the type of building or the exact nature of the problem you are experiencing, you can count on Woodford Brothers to provide expert service and repairs.

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Barn & Timber Frame Restoration from the Pros



This old barn had a number of serious structural problems that have compounded over the years.



Woodford Brothers was able to restore this barn to a sound and usable condition once more.