Ballpark Estimate

Ballpark Estimate Kit

Our typical working range covers much of the North Eastern United States. When the travel distance exceeds 100 miles from our home office in Apulia Station, New York we can still provide customers with a free Ball Park Estimate. To do this, we need to get a good understanding of the building(s) and the problems needing attention.

Our Ball Park Estimate Kit is a simple set of detailed instructions and examples that can be used as a guide to preparing the materials we will need to provide you with a no-obligation ball park estimate of your project. Simply download the .PDF file from the link below and follow the instructions.

Click HERE to download the Ball Park Estimate Kit

There is no contractual obligation by a customer to obtain a free ball park estimate. Our normal procedure is to give the ball park and then, if you the customer agrees that we are within a price limit you can live with, we will then (at our cost) make an actual site visit to physically inspect the building, refine the estimate and write a proposal for the work to be done. Essentially, what we will hope to have understood is that if we can do the work for the ball park amount or less, that we will agree to enter into a contract for completing the work.

The ball park estimate is free. There is no obligation at anytime, until a contract is authorized by you. Please read all directions and reference the examples before beginning and follow the instructions on how to submit your ball park estimate materials to us.

We will promptly review your project upon receipt and get back to you with our ball park estimate. Please be sure to include your contact information!

Summary of the Steps Involved:

Gather needed supplies (tape measure, graph paper, etc.)
Prepare a sketch of your building(s)
Make a rough draft with dimensions
Refine the rough draft to a final draft
Take photographs and mark their locations on your final draft
Make notes describing the problems shown in your photos
Send us your completed materials

Call or e-mail us with any questions!

Click HERE to download the Ball Park Estimate Kit